Letterman, Kimmel, More Toast Joan Rivers on Late Night

09.05.14 3 years ago

It's refreshing to watch network late night stars toast Joan Rivers. It feels like a slap in the face to Johnny Carson too, which I love.

Though Joan Rivers died Thursday at the age of 81, it's clear her foul-mouthed irreverence will remain appreciated for eternity. Here's the best of late night's respect to Joan. 

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman roast each other in honor of Joan's raspy rancor.

(For added viewing, enjoy Silverman's “In Bed with Joan” episode. So great.)

Conan O'Brien fondly remembers Joan's “Tonight Show” appearances while his guest Chris Hardwick recalls how sweet and bad-ass she was.

David Letterman calls Joan “indefatigable” and Paul Shaffer breathlessly recounts how she helped out his daughter with a project.

Finally, Seth Meyers' tribute is touching and quaint. So unlike Joan, but still great.

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