Watch: Lil Wayne teams with David Guetta & Chris Brown for sci-fi-tinged ‘Imagine’ video

07.03.12 6 years ago


Lil Wayne would likely insist that only one of him exists in the world, but given the insane regularity of his output I have my doubts.

Never one to shy away from collaborations, the prolific rapper guests on two brand-new tracks from R&B songstresses Keyshia Cole and Kelly Rowland, entitled “Enough of No Love” and “Ice,” respectively.

But wait! The biggest Weezy news of the day comes in the form of a stunning new music video for David Guetta’s “I Can Only Imagine,” in which the rapper appears alongside Guetta and co-collaborator Chris Brown (the trio, if you’ll remember, performed the track for the first time at this year’s Grammy Awards). The sci-fi-influenced video makes a visually-dazzling showcase for the catchy tune, which is the sixth single from Guetta’s recent studio album “Nothing but the Beat.”

In what could perhaps best be described as “Tron” meets “Minority Report,” the clip sees Guetta manipulating Chris Brown’s movements and appearance in a virtual-reality environment. Directed by Colin Tilley (helmer of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” and countless others), it serves as a perfect complement to the song’s hooky electronic beats and Brown’s Auto-Tuned vocals. You can check it out below.

Next up is the brand-new Keyshia Cole tune “Enough of No Love,” a heartsick ballad on which the R&B songstress passionately laments the betrayal of an unfaithful lover with verses like: “I admit that I thought about creepin’/So you could get a dose of how I feel” and “What we had is now hers/Let her know she can have it.” Enter Wayne at around the 2/3 mark, who raps, “Why you worry ’bout that other ho?/Cause that [insert misogynistic noun here] worry ’bout another ho/You said it’s over but you still fussin’/You just clumsy/Always trippin’ over nothin’.”

The first single from Cole’s upcoming “Woman to Woman,” “No Love” is a decent but ultimately forgettable tune that probably isn’t strong enough on its own to return the singer to the top of the charts following the disappointing commercial performance of her last album, 2010’s “Calling All Hearts.” Lil Wayne’s contribution is unlikely to give it much of a boost, I’m afraid, given that the rapper guest stars on so many songs these days that it’s literally almost impossible to keep track at this point.

More successful is the latest single from ex-Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland, who previously teamed up with Wayne on the Top 20 Billboard hit “Motivation.” Titled “Ice,” the erotic slow jam gets down ‘n’ dirty with Ms. Rowland purring lines like, “Pain ain’t never felt so right/Yeah/It comes again, my body going numb/Hot as ice” as she speaks of making sweet, sweet love to her main man, who “knows what he’s doin’.” I’ll say.

Wayne’s appearance comes in around the halfway mark, as he raps “Ice, ice baby/Shake that ass just like dice baby” and “I know where to put it…I leave that [insert slang term for vagina] smokin’, smokin’ like ice.” Ok, so it’s not exactly great art, but does that really matter? Hell to the no! “Ice” is a catchy tune that’s held down by Rowland’s solid vocal delivery and the unabashedly sexual lyrics that’ll really fill your “guilty pleasure” quota for the evening.

You can check out both new tracks below. After listening, sound off with your thoughts in the comments!

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