Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington forms new band, Dead By Sunrise

07.09.09 8 years ago

Warner Bros. Records

Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington ‘s new group, Dead By Sunrise, will release its debut album, “Out of Ashes,” this fall.

Don’t worry, Bennington isn’t leaving rock/hip-hop outfit LP, but he makes it clear in a statement that the songs he penned for DBS reveals the true him.

“It’s got me all over it,” he says. “This is the music I hear in my head.” “There are no hip-hop influences at all on this record, which is obviously a big difference.

“Also, the amount of vocal layering and use of harmony really showcase my voice in a new way. I was involved in the entire process of making the record, including the programming and the production, which was not only a great educational experience, it was very empowering. I’m really excited that the album is finally going to see the light of day!”

DBS was born after Bennington wrote some songs that he felt didn’t fit Linkin Park. “They were darker and moodier than anything I’d come up with for the band. So I decided to work on them on my own rather than turn them over and have them transformed into Linkin Park tracks,” he says.

Joining him in DBS are guitarists Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh (from Orgy), Drummer Elias Anda and keyboardist Anthony Valcic.  Howard Benson, best known for his work with everyone from Daughtry to My Chemical Romance, produced the project.

You can hear one track from the group, “Morning After,” via the band’s MySpace page.

In the meantime, Linkin Park is enjoying success with “New Divide,” its theme to “Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

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