Listen: 3Oh3! announce new album, smooch with Ke$ha on ‘My First Kiss’

05.03.10 7 years ago

3oh3! And  Ke$ha are back again. We already know the “Don”t Trust Me” boys and the “Tik Tok” party girl are a lethal combination from her single “Blah, Blah, Blah.”

Now they”re reunited for the first single from 3Oh3″s next album, “Streets of Gold,” with “My First Kiss.”

Hear it here. 

With its handclaps and stories of making out “at the foot of the stairs, with my fingers in your hair,” it”s surprisingly sweet and innocent (despite that line about soldiers and sailors that hints as slightly sordid past).

We”ve bashed Ke$ha plenty on Hitfix, but to her credit, in less than six months, she has already become instantly vocally recognizable. There”s no confusing her flirty vocals here for anyone else here.

The fast rush of the song feels like the heartbeat-pounding thrill that comes with that first kiss. Will it last? Of course not. But will it be a perfect little ditty to help get your summer started? Sure.

“Streets of Gold” comes out June 29. Those pre-ordering the album will receive a free download of “My First Kiss.” The album will be available any way you want it, including physical CD or digital, deluxe CD/DVD and a special “Gold Deluxe Bundle,” which includes goodies like a T-shirt. The album was produced by a plethora of producers including Dr. Luke, Matt Squire, Benny Blanco and Greg Kurstin.

The band is on tour through June with Cobra Starship on the MTV-sponsored “Too Fast For Love” outing.

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