Listen: ‘American Idol’s’ Pia Toscano’s first single, ‘This Time’

07.12.11 6 years ago

AP Photo/Steve Griffin, The Salt Lake Tribune

It”s been way too long since we”ve had a harpsichord in a song and it”s the most refreshing part of Pia Toscano”s first post- “American Idol” single.

On the mid-tempo “This Time,” Toscano, who has signed to Interscope Records, is “mad as hell/ain”t gonna take it no more.” We”re never exactly sure what she”s angry about, but it would seem she”s had a fight with her boyfriend and she”s finally standing up to the creep. It”s meant to be empowering, we”re sure, but the Esther Dean-penned tune is clogged down in so many cliches, we bet the butterfly she mentions can”t achieve lift off. (Yep,she”s going to spread her wings).

Toscano”s early elimination stunned “AI” watchers who loved her pristine delivery. That is in strong evidence here as she sounds strong and potent. She just needs a better vehicle to showcase her vocal prowess.

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And while we”re at it, what the hell is going on with grammar in songs? We completely understand that grammar gets sacrificed over lyrical convenience in songs, but what is the advantage to singing “My bags is packed” as opposed to “My bags are packed” or “because I don”t know who I am no more” as opposed to “because I don”t know who I am any more” (although I can understand that one based on the syllable count). Same with fellow former “AI” contestant Jennifer Hudson and “Where You At” or Britney Spears” “He About to Lose Me.”

What do you think? (sorry about the Ryan Seacrest voice over).

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