Listen: Asher Roth returns with ‘Last Man Standing’ featuring Akon

05.27.11 6 years ago

Considering their outputs, I was abhorred at the possibility of two the annoyances of Akon and Asher Roth combined for a song. Then that idea became reality. But I’m finding myself pleasantly surprised.

“Last Man Standing,” a new Roth single with the singer guesting, has teh rapper sounding hungry. After the runaway success of “I Love College” and the fratty white-boy dorkishness that thrived therein, it sounds here like Roth is trying to put his smarts into some serious spit.

And the hook, as it pretends to break no new bounds, is catchy as hell.

The beat is a thudding rally-time boomer, and obviously label-backed since that exactly who “leaked” it to us.

I am merely told a new Asher Roth album is “to come.” His last proper studio set, “Asleep in the Bread Aisle,” was released in 2009 on Universal Motown.

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