Listen: B.o.B. responds to Odd Future with short ‘No Future’ diss track

03.25.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Get it? No future, Odd Future. I see what you did there.

B.o.B has released a one-off last night, “No Future,” that seems to be a response to Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s frontman and main goofball Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers.”

That track name-checks Bobby Ray and his “Airplanes” hit, as well as his collaborators Hayley Williams and Bruno Mars. “Wolf Hayley robbin’ em / I’ll crash that f**kin’ airplane that that f*ckin’ n*gga B.o.B is in / And stab Bruno Mars in his g*dd*mn esophagus / And won’t stop until the cops come in,” Tyler rapped.

In response? B.o.B. calls Wolf Gang “beginners” (pot, meet kettle) “clown-ass n*ggas,” warning them “If I were you I’d be a little more cautious” (a grand departure from what Snoop Dogg and Far East Movement would do if they were you).

Bobby Ray kindly requests “haters get off my d*ck,” he rhymes. “I’m a grown man, don’t need no p*ssy” to take care of me,” then some analogies about great whites and dolphins, muffins and baking. In conclusion “Keep f*ckin’ with me and you ain’t have no future.”

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I’m feeling a little facetious because, frankly, I like the “Yonkers” jam better. As I’d previously written last year on B.o.B., the man needs a good editor and if he wants to be a rapper, better let him rap, rather than push the big cheese single after pop-rap single. I like to hear his claws come out here — the contrast to that sh*t-eating grin from the photo above — so get back to it and let me know when the next fight is on.

Speaking of which, Tyler doesn’t seem to mind the response. Via Twitter: “Whoa. I Don’t Think The ‘No Future’ Song Is Even A Diss. But, Ive Never Heard Him Spit Like That. Took Me By Surprise, Cus Its Tight.” Then, “Still Hate That Airplanes Song Tho. It Has The Same Chord Progression As F*cking ‘Love The Way You Lie’ And That One Song By Katy Perry… Actually, All The Music Now Days Have The Same Chord Progression, With That Dumbass Techno Synth, Or Like, Garage Band Drums.”

Title caps is the new Kanye West all-caps.

B.o.B – “No Future” (Odd Future Diss) by One Thirty BPM

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