Listen: Ben Harper, Joseph Arthur, George Harrison’s son Dhani form Fistful Of Mercy

08.25.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

Details are scant, but it appears Ben Harper, Joseph Arthur and Dhani Harrison (of the George variety) have combined to form a new singer-songwriter supergroup Fistful of Mercy.

So far, they’ve gotten around to posting a Twitter account (under the “Men Who Stare At Goats” moniker Lyn Cassady, no less), a MySpace with dummy text for a bio and a Facebook account that reveals they’re posted in Venice, Calif.

On top of that, they’ve revealed their first known song, a self-titled, sadly sweeping rocker. Vocally, there’s little trading of vocals on “Fistful of Mercy,” though there’s a lot going on in that chorus, where it sounds like three wispy, raspy guys who all split into harmonies but in their heart-of-hearts all wish they were singing melody.  I could be a little off, but the chorus seems to say, “Maybe it’s soft inside of a fistful of mercy / maybe it counts from where we are / the land of the thirsty / hungry.” The track’ss enhanced by violin, a little tonal and slide guitar work and a dramatic cache of drumming.

The beginning of the clip features a sketch of a goat. We see a goat theme developing.

The band has announced its first public performance, to take place at Easy Street Records in Seattle tomorrow night (Aug. 27).

No release dates or label information is available. A rep had not replied to our request for more information by press time.

Harper last released “White Lies for Dark Times” with the Relentless7 in 2009, out on Virgin. Joseph Arthur has been releasing album over the last four years on his own label, Lonely Astronaut, with his last studio full-length out in 2008. Dhani Harrison, son of Beatle George Harrison, first started playing music when he helped complete his dad’s last effort, 2002’s “Brainwashed.” He sings and plays guitar with his band thenewno2, which has completed one album.

What do you think of the song?

Fistful of Mercy from Fistful of Mercy on Vimeo.

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