Watch: Blitzen Trapper ‘Black River Killer’

08.03.09 8 years ago

Todd Roeth

“Black River Killer” isn’t a new song from Americana rockers Blitzen Trapper, but it is the reason why the band is about to release a new EP, by the same name.

On Aug. 25, Sub Pop will be releasing the seven-song set, which was formerly just a burned CD of songs that Blitzen Trapper — led by songwriter Eric Earley — distributed at shows.

This effort comes on the heels of “Furr,” released last year, with adeptly combined country music and Americana with quirky pop and ’70s rock. It was their first for Sub Pop, and fourth album overall.

The song “Black River Killer” could’ve been written in any decade, but its production sort of brings it over the top, with reined-in electronic elements and the ultra-focus on Earley’s quasi-drawl. Folks in Portland, Ore., don’t typically sound like that, but we’ll suspend our disbelief, if just for the sick enjoyment of his first kill.

Download the track here.

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