Listen: Britney Spears autotunes her way through Madonna’s ‘Burning Up’

06.09.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

They sealed their friendship with a scandalous kiss years ago at the MTV Video Music Awards and now Britney Spears sends another love letter to Madonna with a remake of the Material Girl”s “Burning Up.”  The song, gulp, came out in Spring, 1983, when a young Brit Brit would have danced to it in her diapers, since she was only about 16 months old at the time.

Snippets of the very obvious work-in-progress surfaced today, originally on Pop Dust.  You can hear it on a loop below.

There have been rumors that Spears was going to include the song on the Femme Fatale tour, according to Entertainment Weekly, and so this could be the autotuned taped that will accompany her in concert while she sings along live (yes, I”m kidding about that singing live part).  More likely it”s snippets of what she”ll be lipsyncing…you can hear the editing and the recording and stopping and starting and stopping and starting…

It”s choppy enough with the edits that we got a little nauseated listening to it– and that”s really no reflection Britney. We look forward to hearing the main thing. In the meantime, here”s a little loop action of Britney “on fire.”

The Femme Fatale tour, with Nicki Minaj opening, starts a week from tonight, on June 16 in Sacramento.

What do you think of “Burning Up?”

Updated: Check out the whole track below. 

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