Listen: Chris Brown’s ‘Crawl’ sends out a message to Rihanna

10.22.09 8 years ago
I don”t want to like it just on general principle, but I do. I”m talking about Chris Brown”s new single “Crawl.”
Why the heck did he even bother with “I Can Transform Ya?”
“Crawl” is a gorgeous, R Kelly-type ballad about redemption and is clearly a love letter to Rihanna, thought she is never mentioned.  I admit I don”t hear the words “I”m sorry” in there, but he confesses he “lost the view” and “now I can”t reach your faith.”  However, couldn”t he have been a gentleman (I realize the answer to that is a big ‘no”) and let Rihanna have her moment with “Russian Roulette” instead of releasing this the very next day and doing another round of interviews? His words may say one thing, but his actions say another.
Taken on face value (without any possible subtext), “Crawl” is a beautifully crafted love ballad that shimmers and shines. It”s a longing plea for a second chance, knowing full well that it will take patience, kindness and great care to regain what was torn apart.  I have a feeling that radio and his fans will be willing to start the crawl toward reconciliation long before Rihanna is. In fact, this song could start a whole new love affair between Brown and radio.

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