Listen: Coldplay unveils two more new songs from ‘Waterfall’ EP

06.24.11 6 years ago


As HitFix’s resident Coldplay apologist, I figured it best to inform you that more new music from the British soft-rock band is on the way. A digital EP “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” is going up at midnight on Sunday morning; all three songs — including the title track — can be sampled now.

Crooner “Moving to Mars” is short but sweet, with frontman Chris Martin letting his low end simmer before launching into space with that falsetto. “Major Minus” is a mega ‘minder that they are, indeed, a very British rock-pop group afterall, though they muddle their typically clean sound with some fuzzy sonics.

This release is certainly a good method to tide over fans’ appetite for another full-length from the quartet, who have yet to announce any details on said set aside from comments like those to the BBC that the developing album is about “love, addiction, OCD, escape and working for someone you don”t like.” This EP announcement is actually surprise news, and an excellent experiment that country artists have toyed with: many have put out a series of EPs with new music as opposed to enduring the usual two-and-a-half-year full-length album cycle. And for Americans who have to wait until August to see the band live here again, it’s a way to access new music that attendees at Glastonbury may otherwise be solely privy.

That is, unless you’re watching some late-night TV on Saturday. VH1 has laid claim to a “Live from Glastonbury” performance from the group.

Colplay will be at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits this year. As previously reported, their Glastonbury warm-up group and recent Immaculate Noise interviewee Elbow will be at both as well.


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