Listen: CulturePop No. 20 – ‘Lone Ranger,’ ‘Big Brother,’ Steve Silverman

and 07.05.13 5 years ago


Welcome to our Very Special Sort of Independence Day-themed edition of CulturePop! We invited back very special guest Steve Silverman simply because he’s too much fun and we missed him. Plus, we talked about a lot of stuff — whether or not Jennifer Lopez was irresponsible to perform for the leader of Turkmenistan, whether or not we should see the racist and homophobic comments being made on “Big Brother,” why “The Lone Ranger” is a car wreck, plus why Steve loved the openly gay kid on “Chopped.” Somehow we ended up talking a lot about racism, homophobia and “All in the Family,” but that sounds more serious than it really was. Tune in. Hopefully you’ll have just as much fun as we did. Here’s the rundown:

1:00 – Steve has Hot As Hell news! There’s now a one-day pass if you’d like to come to the event. Plus, he reveals all about the “secret pool” and how you can sponsor a celebrity room whether or not you come. 

4:25 – We ask whether Jennifer Lopez should have hit Google before heading off to perform for the leader of Turkmenistan, and Steve talks about his experience working with Lopez.

10:30 – We discuss “Big Brother,” racism, dentists and “All in the Family,” though not necessarily in that order.

17:00 – I explain why I found “The Lone Ranger” fun, then depressing, then weird. 

22:40 – Steve gushes about “The Heat” and Melinda makes a case for more female-centric buddy comedies.

27:05 – Melinda has a really good Funny or Die suggestion. Somebody, do this!

27:45 – Steve explains why a teen on “Chopped” inspires him and why he’s grossed out by one thing that’s always in the show.

31:10 – Steve discusses how he recruits A-list soap stars, and why he loves them. 

32:15 Steve will say nothing about his new project, but he does he have a good reality TV idea for soap stars.

33:40 We sign off, and remind you that if you’re thinking about attending Hot As Hell in Palm Springs Aug. 16 – 18, you can click here for more information.

Thanks for listening!

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