Listen: CulturePop No. 29 – Terri Nunn of Berlin talks Miley Cyrus, ‘Animal’

and 10.11.13 4 years ago

I feel as if we gush over every guest we have on the show, but this time we want to REALLY gush over this week’s guest — the iconic, incredible Terri Nunn of Berlin. She’s candid, funny and insightful — and she has lots of opinions that will make you think. We loved spending time with Terri — so much so, we went WAY over our usual time limit. We think you’ll love her, too. If you want to hear Terr’s radio show Unbound, check it out at Find out more about “Animal” on iTunes and at Check out the rundown: 

4:03 Terri explains what everyone will remember in this conflict between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor.
5:20 She tells us about mistakes she made — like being naked on her album cover
5:50 Sex sells, though, and Terri admits this was her idea, not the record company’s.
6:50 How much things have changed since ’79 and Lady Gaga
9:15 How “Sex (I’m A)” created a massive backlash and what it was really about
13:00 Music now vs. music in the ’80s.
14:30 Terri hates studios and John Crawford (her partner in Berlin) loved them
16:00 What it’s like to become a video juggernaut
17:40 “How Take My Breath Away” made Berlin and destroyed the band, too
21:40 She talks about her old partner, John Crawford
22:30 What it’s like to perform a big hit over and over
23:25 Terri talks about EDM
26:30 She explains how she writes
28:30 There’s a song about getting her man to striptease!
29:05 She talks about two of her most personal songs.
35:00 We crack up. Enough said.
35:55 Today’s music scene, plus Adele and Rhianna.
40:00 music reached her
42:00 She talks about her radio show on and why Steve Wozniak called in.
43:30 What’s Terri listening to now? and Robyn, to name two.
44:05 She talks about the new, happy Trent Reznor
45:00 We talk about Terri’s kids…
46:45 and the time her Penthouse spread ended up in her son’s room.
49:00 Parting advice for Miley

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