Listen: CulturePop No. 32 – ‘Thor,’ ‘Scandal,’ Lady Gaga, Eminem

and 11.08.13 4 years ago


We waited until the last minute to fire up the podcast-making magic machine this week (otherwise known as GarageBand), but we’re squeaking in under the wire. If you’re thinking about seeing “Thor” but aren’t a comic book fan you might want to hear what Melinda and I had to say about the movie (though if you are a comic book fan, there are many, many other reviews you’ll find more relevant). We talked about a lot of other stuff, though, like Eminem, Lady Gaga, “Killing Kennedy” and “Scandal.” This week we didn’t have a guest and we hardly knew what to do with ourselves, but we had fun. We hope you will, too. Keep reading for the rundown: 


:55 Thor

3:35 Kat Dennings

4:00 Why we wanted more Loki

6:20 Eminem

9:15 Why Melinda wouldn’t want to date him

9:30 Lady Gaga

13:40 Justin Bieber

14:15 “Killing Kennedy”

16:05 Rob Lowe

18:05 Ginnifer Goodwin

20:00 Lee Harvey Oswald’s desire for attention

22:00 “Scandal”

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