Listen: Emily Blunt discusses Dick, Damon, ‘Adjustment Bureau’ on The M/C Podcast

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It’s not that it is difficult for me to put the podcast together after Scott and I record it, because it’s not.  All told, I’d guess it takes about 30 minutes to edit one of these after I record it.  Start to finish.

The problem is setting aside the time to do it as other stories are breaking or deadlines hit or family demands arise.  There are screenings to attend, things to write, and the podcast sometimes sits on my desktop, taunting me.

That’s what happened this week.  And I’m sorry.  It’s a good one.  In particular, I really like the interview with Emily Blunt this week.  She is effortlessly charming in conversation, and she really likes “The Adjustment Bureau,” the new film she’s in.  You can tell.  It’s a very shaggy, amiable back and forth about fate and love and Dick and Damon, a potent cocktail to say the least.

In honor of the release of “The Adjustment Bureau,” based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, my guest host Scott Swan and I played a particularly Dick-centric round of Movie God, and my guess is that some of you are going to be angry about the films we choose to keep or kill in the game this time around, and hopefully you’ll be entertained by the way we tied each round of the game in to the week’s theme.

Here’s a breakdown of the show, in case you want to skip ahead:

00:00 – 4:00 Introductions

4:00 – 18:20 Movie God.  This week, in honor of the release of “The Adjustment Bureau,” we played three rounds of Dick-centric Movie God.  What that means is a little different in each of the three rounds, so check it out, especially if you love “Total Recall” and want to get very angry at both of us.

18:20 – 28:20 This Week In Video/Blu-ray.  “Bambi” on Blu-ray, “127 Hours,” “Faster,” “The Cable Guy” on Blu, and more.

28:20 – 35:10 This Week In Theaters.  “Rango,” “The Adjustment Bureau,” “I Saw The Devil,” and more.

35:10 –  51:45 My interview with Emily Blunt.

51:45 – 1:02:46 The big question of the week and discussion of stories in the news gets us from Terrence Malick to Quentin Tarantino, with a whole bunch of meandering in-between.

As always, you can find the podcast on iTunes, or you can play it embedded below or download it directly from us.  I’ll check on the RSS feed, and I’m sure we’ve got one, so for the next episode, hopefully I’ll have that info for those of you who prefer it that way.

Next week, I’ll have on the director of the new film “Rubber,” one of several releases this spring that probably shouldn’t exist but do.  That’s the subject of next week’s show as well, so I hope we’ll have that for you before I leave town to visit Area 51 and then head to SXSW.

Busy, busy, busy…

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