Listen: Eminem’s blistering freestyling rap, ‘Despicable’

04.28.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Eminem”s back and he”s brought his talent with him. He”s just released “Despicable,” a freestyling, two-minute blast that sucks all the air out of room. It”s better than anything on “Relapse,” and the sheer dexterity of his rhyming skills is awe-inspiring.

He”s mad and he”s poking fun at everyone and every thing, including himself via such lines as “Giving me the finger is kind of like giving a spider the web” or “I give as much of a flying f*** as that Superman dude.”  He also takes on the current rap scene: “Like a leaf suck in a vacuum, y”all/there ain”t nothing but a whole lotta sucking going on in rap.” We”re guessing he doesn”t think everything sucks since  the music bed for “Despicable” is a sample of Drake”s “It”s Over” followed by Lloyd Banks” “Beamer, Benz or Bentley.”

There”s a lot more coming.  On Friday, the official first single from Eminem”s new album, “Recovery,” will be released. The tune, “Not Afraid,” is, unlike “Despicable,” “uplifting,”  Em”s manager, Paul Rosenberg told Rosenberg says “Recovery,” out June 22, will have a broader appeal than “Relapse.” “The last album was really for the core Eminem fans,” Rosenberg said. “I think this record will open that up a bit.”

As Hitfix reported earlier, Eminem scrapped “Relapse 2” earlier this year. “The idea of a sequel to ‘Relapse” started to make less and less sense to me and I wanted to make a completely new album,” the rapper said in a statement.

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