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11.06.12 5 years ago 9 Comments


Happy Tuesday, Boys & Girls!
Due to Hurricane Sandy, we [Sepinwall in particular] were off the grid last week and then, after we settled in and recorded a half-hour of a podcast yesterday, we [Sepinwall, really] got power back and the migration led to a one-day delay.
That means that the podcast begins with a review of HBO’s “Witness,” which actually premiered on MONDAY night. It’s very good, though, and we recommend you watch it in some form or another, so it’s OK. 
We also talked about TBS’ “The Wedding Band,” revisited ABC’s “Nashville” and “Last Resort” and had spoiler-heavy discussion of both “The Walking Dead” and two weeks of “Homeland.”
And, somewhere in the middle, we talked about NBC’s midseason schedule and plans to revamp “Up All Night.” So it was a busy podcast.
Here’s the breakdown:
“Witness” (00:01:55 – 00:11:05)
“The Wedding Band” (00:11:05 – 00:23:25)
NBC’s Midseason Schedule (00:23:25 – 00:37:30)
“Nashville” (00:37:30 – 00:44:15)
“Last Resort” (00:44:20 – 00:52:05)
“The Walking Dead” (00:52:20 – 01:10:30)
“Homeland” (01:10:30 – 01:31:30)

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