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Happy Monday, Boys & Girls!
Time for a busy installment of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.
Oddly, we neared the 90 minute mark without discussing either Sunday’s “Walking Dead” or, if memory serves, mentioning the Olympics at all.
We did, however, spend a ton of time on the new Amazon pilots, which are available for you to watch yourselves, if you haven’t already. Given that availability, we’re a bit more spoiler-y than normal when it comes to “The After” and “Transparent,” treating those discussions a little bit more like  our discussions, fittingly, of shows that have already aired. You’ve been warned! [And you’ll get warned again, I’m sure.]
Here’s today’s breakdown:
Amazon’s new pilots (00:01:00 – 00:06:55)
“The After” (00:07:00 – 00:15:55)
“Bosch” (00:16:00 – 00:22:05)
“Mozart in the Jungle” (00:22:10 – 00:28:20)
“The Rebels” (00:28:20 – 00:33:15)
“Transparent” (00:33:15 – 00:38:30)
Amazon’s decision-making process (00:38:35 – 00:44:55)
“House of Cards” (00:45:00 – 00:58:40)
Listener Mail: CBS’ NFL rights (00:59:15 – 01:08:00)
Listener Mail: How we’re going to treat “Better Call Saul” (01:08:10 – 01:12:15)
Listener Mail: “Shameless” (01:12:55 – 01:25:30)

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