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03.26.14 4 years ago 8 Comments


Happy Wednesday, Boys & Girls! 

I know that some of you have been feeling a little Firewall & Iceberg Podcast withdrawal. Apologies. Alan was traveling. And I was traveling. And there was only a limited amount of new TV to talk about. And y'all got *two* in-person video shows! So Firewall & Iceberg still loved you these past two weeks. Just not in podcast form.

But we're back.

And it's a fairly busy podcast today. We answer some mail about various things including Emmy category manipulation, we paid brief tribute to the late James Rebhorn and we talked about the finales of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Girls.”

And next week should be even busier!

And I sound like poo in this week's podcast. No clue why. Apologies.

Here's today's breakdown:
Listener Mail – Emmy category moves (00:01:50 – 00:20:25)
Listener Mail – The future of “Enlisted” (00:20:32 – 00:28:10)
James Rebhorn (00:28:10 – 00:31:30)
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” finale (00:31:55 – 00:47:10)
“Girls” finale – (00:47:20 – 01:09:50)

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