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Happy Wednesday, Boys and Girls!
In this week’s installment of Firewall & Iceberg, we learned a valuable lesson: Podcasting while driving without time or opportunity to technologically trouble-shoot is a big mistake. No, we didn’t have an accident. No, we weren’t arrested by the California Highway Patrol. No, we didn’t accidentally shoot past our exit and end up in Mexico.
You know how we sometimes tell you the podcasts sound bad? This time we REALLY mean it. But  we’d already recorded 42 minutes (the recording cut off) in the car and it seemed like posting the podcast as-was captured… um… the spirit of our drive down to San Diego for Comic-Con? Regardless, Sepinwall sounds fine. He was holding the computer. I sound horrid. But hey… We go through a toll booth!
What did we discuss on the drive?
Comic-Con preview: 3:10 – 17:20
Spoiler-free “Mad Men” talk 17:20 – 28:15
“Undeclared” 28:20 – ???
Seriously, apologies for the sound quality. But we had the material. We figured we’d post it.
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And here’s this week’s podcast…

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