Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 268 – Farewell to ‘Parks and Recreation’

02.25.15 3 years ago



Happy Wednesday, Boys & Girls!

Or perhaps it's a sad Wednesday, because we're gathered here today to say farewell to NBC's “Parks and Recreation,” a show that we've been known to like quite a bit.

Rather than attempt to shoehorn in a full “Parks and Recreation” send-off discussion with another hour-plus of reviews and the normal stuff, we elected to do a “Parks and Recreation”-only podcast today and hopefully we'll get in another podcast this week at some point that allows us to review “House of Cards,” “Last Man on Earth,” “Secrets and Lies,” “Battle Creek” and some other stuff. If we don't? Watch “Last Man on Earth.”

In this send-off podcast for “Parks and Recreation,” we discuss… “Parks and Recreation.”

That's pretty simple. We talk about the finale. We answered a bunch of your excellent Listener Mail — Thank you!!! — and then we filled in a few gaps at the end.

Easy peasy. 

So today's breakdown:
“Parks and Recreation” (00:00:00 – 01:22:00)

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