Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 2a

02.03.10 8 years ago 4 Comments


Wednesday (Feb. 3) was a long morning of attempting to put up the second Firewall & Iceberg (wt) Podcast. Our first recorded version was well over 45 minutes long, covered a wide range of topics and, in addition to technical problems, neither Sepinwall nor I felt happy with it.

Verson 2.1 is shorter (just under half-an-hour), more topically limited  (we discuss “Lost,” “Fringe” and the Super Bowl) and still suffers from some of the same technical issues. 

We’re posting it, because not all podcasts can be perfect and if you want to have a regular podcast, you have to make it regular, even if not every podcast is a total winner. Let’s just say we’re still working out the kinks, especially since we weren’t in the same room, like we were for Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 1.

The most important thing I want to note: The discussion of the “Lost” premiere — complete with spoilers — runs from the 2:00 mark to the 12:15 mark. If you haven’t seen the premiere yet, you probably want to skip that part.

With that all in mind, sit back and try to enjoy Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 2a…

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