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Happy Tuesday, Boys and Girls.
Thanks to Mo Ryan for filling in for my last week when I was internationally indisposed. Now, as Aerosmith would say, I’m back in the saddle again.
With fall premieres revving up in earnest, Sepinwall and I are probably going to do multiple podcasts this week and next week trying desperately to fit everything in. Expect lots and lots of blather.
This week’s blather includes our dismissive dismissal of Sunday’s “True Blood” finale, our discussion of Sunday’s “Mad Men” and reviews of HBO’s excellent “Boardwalk Empire,” NBC’s awful “Outlaw” and the returns of FX’s “Always Sunny” and “The League” this week.
Here’s the time breakdown:
“True Blood” finale — 00:00 – 08:55
“Outlaw” — 08:55 – 17:40
The returns of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The League” — 19:50 – 31:00
“Boardwalk Empire” — 31:20 – 40:45
“Mad Men” – 40:50 – 56:40

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And here’s this week’s podcast…

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