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Time for another Wednesday installment of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.
Last week, we warned you that *this* week’s podcast was going to be a long one and we didn’t lie. We chattered for 52 minutes this week, covering topics ranging from HBO’s “The Pacific” to FX’s “Justified” to the possible end of “24.” Because Alan seemed to want to, we talked about Adam Scott leaving “Party Down” and we covered usual subjects like “American Idol” and “Lost.”
As you saw last week, we now have a dedicated RSS feed set up for the podcast, but more importantly, the Podcast is also now available on the iTunes store. Search for “Firewall & Iceberg” and it will show up, complete with an aesthetically pleasing image courtesy of Mr. David J. Loehr. Or, you could just click this link and go straight to Firewall & Iceberg on the iTunes Store.
If you subscribed last week via iTunes to the simple RSS feed, we’d love you if you’d subscribe to the actual iTunes store podcast. It’s still free, but we just assume they keep track of subscriptions there. Also, if you wanted to rate the podcast (positively!!!) and write little (positive!!!) reviews of the podcast on the iTunes store, we’d be greatly appreciative. 
So here’s what we covered this week:
“American Idol” – 02:15 – 06:20
The Oscar telecast – 07:00 – 12:20
“The Pacific” – 13:24 – 20:25
“Winning Time” – 20:15 – 24:00
“Sons of Tucson” – 24:20 – 27:20
“Justified” – 27:30 – 31:15
The possible end of “24” – 31:20 – 37:00
Adam Scott leaving “Party Down” – 37:30 – 43:30
“Lost” – 43:50 – 50:46
And here’s the podcast:

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