Listen: Foo Fighters pull up on new single ‘Rope,’ unveil album art

02.23.11 7 years ago 2 Comments


The Foo Fighters are lifting more of the curtain on their forthcoming “Wasting Light,” and are using some “Rope” to do it.

The rock act is streaming the track, the album’s first single, for free via its website and below.

“Rope” will be available for download through the usual digital outlets starting on March 1 and will be sent to those who pre-order the album for free.

The band has made a lot out of the fact that they recorded this whole getup with analog, on tape and totally out of the box, which had my ears perked for a warmer sound, perhaps a little more scratch from the guitars. But  Butch Vig and Co. have really edited this thing down, mixed and panned to perfection. Relistening to the choruses and the solo had me remembering what a sick, sick monster drummer Taylor Hawkins is. The guitars throwback to the ’80s but then teleport back to the modern day in battles and then matching feedback, a sound that will clearly sooth the souls of mainstream rock programmers at radio.

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“Yow!” hardly does Grohl’s rawr justice. “Gonna save my breath for you,” he sings. “Gimme some rope I’m comin’ loose / I’m hangin’ on you.” So its a love song. That’s nice.

Above is the newly released album art for “Wasting Light,” due April 12 via Roswell/RCA. Read more on the album — and check out the b*tchin’ video for “White Limo” — here.

What do you think of the song?

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