Listen: Hole’s Courtney Love takes on ‘Skinny Little B*tch,’ free download

03.03.10 8 years ago

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“Nobody”s Daughter,” the first album from Courtney Love”s band Hole in a decade, comes out April 27. Download new single, “Skinny Little Bitch” for free here or listen below.

As with Guns N” Roses and Axl Rose, all that”s left of any remnant of past incarnations of Hole is Love. The new band members are guitarist Micko Larkin, bassist Shawn Dailey and drummer Stuart Fisher.  Good luck, fellas! “Daughter” is Hole”s first album since 1998″s “Celebrity Skin” and Love”s first set since 2004″s “America”s Sweetheart.”

A few weeks ago, Hole previewed material from “Nobody”s Daughter” on Jonathon Ross”s late night television show, as well as playing a few gigs in London, Milan and Amsterdam.  Mercury Records must have already abandoned the no-starter “Samantha” for new single, “Skinny Little B*tch,” which the label began pushing to radio today. It”s straight ahead, driving punk rock with a catchy chorus about a “nasty piece of work.” The line about how she could “kick her scrawny ass” is pure Courtney.

In addition to a playing Spin”s SXSW show, Hole also has three gigs planned in the U.K. in May with more dates coming. 

Here’s “Skinny Little B*tch,” but we think it sounds much better downloaded directly from her website, which we’ve linked to above.







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