Listen: Jennifer Hudson’s new single ‘Where You At’

01.26.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Jennifer Hudson may be skinny now, but that doesn”t mean all her troubles are over- just listen to her new single, “Where You At,” from her second album “I Remember Me.”  Sounds like she lost an additional 160 pounds of excess weight since she”s just been ditched by her man.

Or as she more poetically puts it: “I went to sleep in the cloud and woke up in the dirt/ Said you”d be my hero/but as it turns out you were a no show.”

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The ballad, produced and co-written by R. Kelly, is delightfully old school. We can imagine Whitney singing it circa 1988, especially with the echo-y drums in the mix (at least they”re subtler than “In the Air Tonight”) and the crescendo swell at the end like a big Broadway number.  The backing “Where You At” vocals sound radio friendly, but it may be a hard sell except for adult contemporary. We”d love to hear it on Top 40 radio though since it would be nice to hear someone who can actually sing, really sing, coming out of our car speakers.  Kelly writes beautiful ballads. This isn”t one of his best, but it is greatly enhanced by the former “American Idol” contestant”s soulful, heartbreaking vocal.

Where you at on “Where You At?”

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