Listen: Jimmy Page, Jack White debut new music in ‘It Might Get Loud’

08.13.09 8 years ago

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

White Stripes and Led Zeppelin fans will get an eyefull of footage from Jack White and Jimmy Page performing well-known tunes like “Stairway to Heaven” and “Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground” in documentary “It Might Get Loud,” but there’s some new tunes hidden in there as well.

Page plays snippets of guitar compositions “Embryo 1” and “Embryo 2” for White and U2’s the edge. The technically difficult — though, still melodic — pieces are some of what has lately been coming out of the legend, and may be included in a future release or project.

“It was quite important, I felt, to actually have something that shows I’m still working on the guitar relative to just doing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ or something like that,” Page recently told Billboard. “It was more ‘Let’s show a complete picture,’ so you’ve got that kid (a young Page on British TV) playing at 14 and you’ve got me playing on some things which are really pretty current for me.”

Page’s former cohorts from Zep have been busy on their own as well: Vocalist Robert Plant, of course, did some groundbreaking work with bluegrass great Alison Krauss on Grammy-winning 2007 album “Raising Sand.” Bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones debuted his new band with Josh Homme and Dave Grohl just this week.

Jack White in the film, on the other hand, whipped up a new track on camera in about 10 minutes for director David Guggenheim in the film. And out poured skronky, nasty, dirty, delectable “Fly Farm Blues,” now available through iTunes and on 7″ via Third Man/Warner Bros. You get to see White literally handwriting the lyrics in the movie and yelp that ish out.

Check out the clip of White below. Also, check out myself and Melinda Newman hash out our feelings on “It Might Get Loud,” due tomorrow in a theater near you.

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