Listen: Justin Bieber covers Lil Wayne’s ‘How To Love’

09.28.11 6 years ago

AP Photo

Maybe Lil Wayne would have liked some nice candlesticks or a new car, but instead Justin Bieber decided to give Weezy a very special homemade present…sort of like when you”d make your mom an imprint of your own hand.

Early this morning, the day after  Lil Wayne”s 29th  birthday,  The Bieb tweeted his cover of the rapper”s Top 5 hit, “How To Love” with the message “Trying to sleep. Until then happy birthday.”

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It”s a nice, breezy, acoustic version of the song that stays true to Weezy”s tempo, but  strips out all the synths in favor of a simple guitar melody–but keeps the rap. It also shows that a strong song can be interpreted in may ways. 

(And if you’re keeping track of what Weezy has received so far on his big day: he tweeted that his daughter bought him a ukulele (watch out, Eddie Vedder) and his “girl” gave him a vintage gumball machine.

Below is Bieber’s version, as well as Weezy’s original. Which do you prefer? 


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