Listen: Justin Bieber goes old school on new single, ‘Die In Your Arms’

05.29.12 5 years ago

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Let”s call it New Justin Swing. On Justin Bieber”s new single, “Die In Your Arms,” he”s bringing back retro soul that blends the vocal feel of ’60s Motown crossed with the synths and beats of the late-’80s New Jack Swing movement.

In the sloping, mid-tempo ballad, which also owes a debt to Michael Jackson, Bieber, who scuffled with a photographer over the weekend, has it so bad for his girl that he if he could just “die in your arms, I wouldn”t mind.”  He”d go finger-snapping and with a grin on his face. He”s the opposite of a player here: he”s willing to do anything even just to stand next to his Boo. He”s a smart one, that Bieb, he knows every one of his tween fans will be swooning over the thought of a Bieber who is so in love that they can wrap him around their finger. The heavy drum loop complements the slow rhythms.

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It”s a nice contrast to first single, “Boyfriend,” and its spoken intro, though Bieber”s walking down the same rose-petaled path here of making his girl know she is the only one.No mention of Buzz Lightyear in this one.

“Die In Your Arms” will be on “Believe,”  Bieber”s new album out June 19. The set includes collaborations with Drake, Ludacris, and Nicki Minaj.  

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