Listen: Ke$ha only wants to dance with you on new single

12.05.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Ke$ha is back and she wants to prove that she”s more than the girl who will vomit in your closet from drinking too much Jack and leave you to clean it up…as if that weren’t enough.

On “Only Wanna Dance With You,” which has leaked all over the internet today, K-Dollar Sign-Ha sings the first portion of the bouncy, ’80s sounding track for a good two minutes until she reverts to form and goes into a spoken bridge about “kicking it all night/hard-core making it until it gets light.” Listen to it here  (courtesy of Perez Hilton).

She”s not looking for “a ring,” she only wants to get her groove on…both vertically and horizontally. It”s a notoriously tame tune for the party girl both lyrically and production-wise, and, quite frankly, is a bit of a snooze. She”s not a strong singer… or at least not on this track, she”s not.

Two years ago we didn”t really know what a Ke$ha was. Is it possible that within the course of one full album, “Animal,” and an EP, “Cannibal,” that she has so firmly established what we have come to expect from her that we don”t want to let her out of that small box?

Another track, “You Better Know,” previously leaked out. That track also features Ke$ha singing, so we’re sensing that our girl wants to broaden her palate.No word on whether both, or neither, will be on her next release. We also don’t know if Dr. Luke, who signed Ke$ha to his Kemosabe imprint, is behind the new tune.

What do you think of “Only Wanna Dance With You?” You might want to listen to it fast. It’s still on Perez Hilton’s site, but is getting taken down elsewhere.

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