Listen: Kelly Clarkson’s newest leak won’t ‘Let Me Down’

07.07.11 6 years ago

Man, who let poor Kelly Clarkson down? ‘Cause they’ve really done it this time.

The latest leak/preview — one of a handful from the former “American Idol” champ’s over this last year — is “Let Me Down,” and it features the strong-headed singer in an absolute tizzy over an offending party. I agree, Kelly: dating is really, really hard.

There’s some basic, elementary wordplay, but you’ve got to appreciate easily following the bouncing ball when there’s a production as big as this. The mastering is blown big with all the weight of mainstream radio rock, the industrial drums battling meandering guitars and the twee harmonies blasting through the chorus. That opening guitar wah riff is a little too Lenny Kravitz for my taste, but all’s forgiven when she sets fire to the whole thing in the bridge.

There’s also those big breathing breathy breaths everywhere, popularized so keenly by Clarkson and kindred Pink. It brings a little humanity to the machine.

No word from a spokesperson yet on what the status of “Let Me Down” is, though Clarkson was a bit miffed at a leak in May and took to her Facebook to explain that the album will get in our greedy little hands just as soon as it’s ready.

“I promise y’all I’m just as anxious to get my cd out! The recording is all done and now we’re finishing up with mixing the record and getting ready to release the single in July,” she wrote on May 14.

Hey, look at that. It’s July now. Can you believe it?


[Listen via PopCrush

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