Listen: Lady Gaga-penned Jennifer Lopez track ‘Hypnotico’ leaks

04.28.11 7 years ago

One of two Lady Gaga-penned tracks from Jennifer Lopez’ forthcoming “Love?” album has leaked, and it follows a similar formula that has put the singer back on the charts.

The unchangable RedOne produces on “Hypnotico,” the refrain to which bounds and one-notes it just as the chorus to Lopez’ “On the Floor” does. Since it seems Lady Gaga has gone a headier route with her new album, it’s not a surprise that “Hypnotico” wasn’t reserved for her own set: the simplicity is astounding.

Lyrics like “sunburned baby / hurts like crazy,” “we’re just some silly heartbreakers tonight” and rhyming “yum yum” with “some some” won’t get this song very good scores on the SAT. In fact, it seems that Lopez goes out of her way to sing with a little-girl inflection to her 41-year-old pipes. But it comes off youthful, upbeat, and a little lighter than the single and her island-inflected collaboration with Lil Wayne, “I’m Into You.”

In the same day that Gaga’s “Judas” drops like a rock from the Hot 100, one of her own creations gets another start elsewhere. Not sure I feel strongly enough for it to make common rotation, but “On the Floor” is a hard act to follow…

“Love?” is out May 3.

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