Listen: Lady GaGa’s new single, ‘Bad Romance’

10.21.09 8 years ago

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

You know it”s a bad sign when an artist drops her name in a song…there”s a certain self-awareness and arrogance to it, as if their moniker has somehow become such a familiar part of the lexicon that it is a common noun.
So goes it with “Bad Romance,” the single from LG”s forthcoming “The Fame” reissue, as we first tipped here. Quite honestly, it”s just bad filler-save a killer chorus.
The verses are a jumble of recycled Gaga rhythms, primarily from “Poker Face,” and oddly pronounced words (“Hand” becomes “hay-unnnn.” Who does she think she is? Cher? ). Those segue into spoken-word bridges similar to Madonna”s “Vogue,” then—and the only part that is remotely catchy-the chorus is a toe-tapping melodic delight  that sounds like something straight out of an ’80s hit by Laura Branigan (thanks to our former Billboard colleague Bill Coleman, who made the Branigan connection. It is spot on…)
The good news for GaGa is that she already has an identifiable sound. The bad news is that she”s already, as much as she tries to shock us by dripping blood at the VMAs or never wearing pants even when it”s below freezing-starting to wear thin with her shtick.

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