Listen: Leighton Meester looks for ‘Somebody to Love’

10.14.09 8 years ago

“Gossip Girl”s” Leighton Meester has been riding high on the charts with her appearance on Cobra Starship”s “Good Girls Go Bad.” Now she”s ready to fly solo. Well, not quite…

On “Somebody to Love,” the first single from her Universal/Republic debut, she”s joined by Robin Thicke. It”s a risky move as his smooth, dreamy chops are pretty hard to top. Smartly, she doesn”t even try. She”s outmatched by him, but not so much that she embarrasses herself, partially because she”s not on the record that much.  She channels her inner Madonna, especially a little more than two minutes in when she says “strike a pose.”

Listen to the song here.

Her singing style is more of droning talking, and we say that in the nicest possible way.  Her method works perfectly for this song, which is a hypnotic, catchy, mid-tempo, electro-pop tune about looking for love. Do we foresee a major music career for Meester?  No, but there have certainly been worse attempts by actors moving into music.

Listen for yourself here. Does Thicke really sing “Looking at me like a puddy cat…” as in Sylvester and Tweety Bird?

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