Listen Lenny Kravitz takes a ‘Stand’ on summer’s best song

06.14.11 6 years ago

Pure awesomeness. That”s what the new Lenny Kravitz single is. “Stand,” came out a few days ago, but just came to our attention today and we loved it so much we wanted to call it to your attention. It is a perfect pop slice that is implanted into your head after one listen. We promise.

It”s been quite a while since Kravitz released a song that we cared about– maybe 10 years?  But this little gem makes up for all the stuff we already forgot about. Is it original? Not particularly. We also can”t quite figure out when he started sounding so much like Elvis Costello (or at least for the first verse or so) crossed with Sheryl Crow.  And just when things threaten to get boring, he goes into a fun, flirty guitar break. But those things are unimportant when it”s a beautiful summer day, there”s not a cloud in the sky and the open road is calling. Put this on, snap your fingers and escape.

As we previously reported, Kravitz has been cast in “The Hunger Games” and is on tour with U2. His new album comes out in August. It’s really, really good to be Lenny right now.

What do you think? 

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