Listen: Leona Lewis ‘Collides’ with new dance-pop single

07.15.11 6 years ago

There’s already a fight over who Leona Lewis’ “Collide” belongs to, but I’m not sure why it’s worth the fuss.

In what is one of the more boring vocal lines to be headed to a top 40 radio station near you, “Collide” features Lewis’ best vanilla voice on vanilla lines like “I”ll pick you up when you”re down / Be there when no one”s around.” The only way this ear-ingested sleeping pill succeeds is in bucking the cookie-cutter pop recipe of quiet-loud-quiet-loud-bridge-breakdown-loud. She busts out at the end, but I don’t feel moved: instead I feel like she shouting that it’s the part where I’m supposed to be moved. There’s a difference.

For one — as Idolator also points out — it’s stupid-similar to Alexis Jordan’s “Happiness” (probably because it was written by the same person: Autumn Rowe). And Ministry of Sound is claiming that it’s also spot-on for Avicii’s “Penguin.” These are all below. And they are all a testament to larger industry and creative problems. 

Tired now? Me too.

Lewis’ third album will drop this November.


Leona Lewis – Collide (BBC Radio 1 Premiere) by josepvinaixa

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