Listen: Maroon 5 pairs with Mutt Lange for new single ‘Misery’

06.22.10 7 years ago

Move along, nothing to see here. Or hear here. “Misery,” the new single from Maroon 5″s  Sept. 21 album, “Hands All Over” pairs the popmeisters with uber-producer Mutt Lange. This combination should be made in heaven. To be sure, “Misery” sounds pristine and punchy, even coming out of computer speakers, but at this point in their career, Maroon 5 needs to mix it up a bit. We don”t expect them to break into a polka or anything like that, but “Misery” could have appeared on 2002″s “Songs About  Jane.”

Having said that, the track, about love”s woes (very familiar territory for Adam Levine and co.) is a bouncy, percussive, sparkly slice of pop that, if it had come out sooner, could have vied for one of the  songs of the summer.

Maybe our expectations were too high, but we wish Maroon 5 and Lange had really poured it on. We don”t want Maroon 5 to sound like Def Leppard (although we LOVE Def Leppard), but we would have hoped that Lange would have pushed Maroon5 a little more.  This sounds like a slight retread of “This Love.”  Admittedly, if you”re going to copy yourself, you could pick much worse tracks than that earworm.

The band recorded “Hands All Over,” the studio follow-up to 2007″s “It Won”t Be Soon Before Long,” in Switzerland. Among the 15-track cuts is “Out of Goodbyes,” which features Lady Antebellum.

Maroon 5″s new tour starts July 30. The rotating line up of openers includes Owl City, Kris Allen, Guster, VV Brown and  Ry Cumming.

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