Listen: New Eminem tracks from ‘Relapse: Refill,’ ‘Music Box’ premieres

12.17.09 8 years ago

Eminem’s “Relapse: Refill” is out Monday, and MySpace is in the midst of revealing the new tracks from the extended re-release.

“Music Box” — its premiere — “Taking My Ball” and “Buffalo Bill” are currently streaming on the site, with a promise of a fourth song release tomorrow. As we told last month, “Relapse” is getting seven bonus tracks for this Dec. 21 release, and five of the songs are previously unreleased.

“Music Box” has a pretty sweet sample and a hard-hitting chorus but, while it’s very personally revealing, the rhymes come off as a little lazy. There’s a lot of butt talk (you heard me) in “Taking My Ball.”

“Buffalo Bill” and another track “Elevator” have already been making the rounds on the ‘net. The latter has been ruffling some feathers amongst the gay community, as it name-checks Lance Bass, Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert and then a couple words that are kind of slurred together to make what sounds like a derogatory term toward homosexuals. It doesnt surprise (or shock) us.

The first version of “Relapse was released earlier this year and Em has announced plans to make a sequel, “Relapse 2,” with the help of Dr. Dre for release sometime next year.

You can hear more Eminem this week as it seems his track “Drop the World” on Lil Wayne’s cursed “Rebirth” album has leaked.

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