Listen: NKOTBSB’s new single, ‘Don’t Turn Out the Lights’

04.01.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Oh NKOTBSB, how you tease me so. All nine of you, with a combined age of probably 792 or something like that, have not only come together for a co-headlining summer tour, but now you”ve released a combo single, “Don”t Turn Out the Lights.”  Hear it here.   (But listen to it fast– the music police are taking the song down very quickly. Vulture’s link is already down.)

Other than the creepy voice that every now and then ominously says “NKOTBSB” over the straight-ahead dance pop tune, we”re digging it, but we wish it were so much more. Was it so wrong that we wanted something as infectious as “The Right Stuff” and as deliciously melodic as “I Want It That Way?”

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Maybe we just set our standards too high. We knew that there was no way that the whole  would be greater than the sum of the individual parts, but we would have liked a little more harmonies. Instead, it sounds like each member takes a line or two. We”ll have to wait until the video to actually figure out who”s singing what.

It is a little weird that they”re singing a song so banal and safe that Justin Bieber could sing it– given that almost all of them are old enough to be Bieber”s baby daddy.

It will be a nice set piece for the two of them to do on the summer tour, which, by the way, has already sold out Fenway Park in NKOTB’s Boston backyard.

What do you think?

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