Listen: Paul Haggis discusses Russell Crowe and ‘The Next Three Days’ on this week’s podcast

11.17.10 7 years ago 6 Comments


It’s actually very easy to find.  Just go to “Podcasts > Movies & TV > Drew McWeeny,” and there it is… the Motion/Captured Podcast on iTunes finally.

And to celebrate, I had a collapse of the system I’d been using to produce the podcast up to this point.  A completely stupid convergence of events that left me with a raw audio file and no way to use the software I’ve been using to edit the thing.  Finally, I got everything set up again, and so here we are with the tenth MCP, and hopefully we can use this milestone as the end of the “experimental” phase of podcasting and we can get busy treating this as a regular feature here at the site.

It’s fitting that this would be my first new post after the redesign, too.  What do you guys think of the new version of HitFix?  We plan to constantly evolve over the life of the site to better reflect what you, our readers, are telling us is important to you.  We don’t ever want to get so comfortable that we just assume that we’re finished developing.  That’s why I’m pushing myself to learn a new skill set like podcasting after over a decade of being perfectly happy just working in print.

This is a very loose and silly episode overall, and I haven’t forgotten my promise to dedicate a series of special podcasts to the big box sets coming out on Blu-ray this fall, including the “Alien Anthology,” the “Back to the Future” series, and a look back at “Harry Potter” so far as we enter the home stretch.  I can produce one of these almost in real time once I’ve got everything set up properly, so there’s no reason for me to hold back.

Here’s a breakdown on this week’s show:

Intro 00:00 – 4:45

In which we say hello to Scott ‘Big Junior’ Swan, learn what he’s been up to recently, and define what you can do on a PG-rated podcast.

Movie God 4:45 – 16:25

We play a round of the cruelest game for film fans, and this time, we pit some of the greats of indie cinema against each other in some ugly match-ups.

On The Shelf 16:25 – 45:45

A look at the last two weeks worth of home video releases, including the fifth season of “Dr. Who,” “Toy Story 3” on Blu-ray, and so much more.

On The Record 45:45 – 1:00:15

Paul Haggis joins us to discuss his new film “The Next Three Days.”

Wrap-up 1:00:15 – 1:03:59

A quick look ahead at the rest of the year, and we’re out for another week.

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