Listen: Pearl Jam’s new song, ‘Ole’

09.09.11 6 years ago


Pearl Jam debuted a new song, “Ole,” on “Jimmy Fallon” Thursday night as part of its two-night stint on the late-night talk show. The band then immediately made the song available as a free download on its website.

The 2:33 little punk nugget is all about the attitude and not about the lyrics, which are rather inane.  Although that”s the point, as Vedder sings “I ain”t got words for what goes on/I ain”t got words for all that”s wrong.”  It”s more about Matt Cameron”s thrashing, Mike McCready”s screeching guitar and Vedder”s slightly unhinged vocal

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It sounds like it took about five minutes to write, but that”s part of the charm and its rush of immediacy.

Cameron Crowe”s documentary, “Pearl Jam 20,” debuts at the Toronto International  Film Festival on Sept. 10, while the band”s accompanying soundtrack to the film and a coffee table book come out Sept. 20.

What do you think of “Ole?”

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