Listen: R. Kelly releases incredible new song, unbelievable autobiography title

11.10.11 6 years ago

R. Kelly has written an autobiography and I can’t wait to read it, particularly in lieu of today’s new track “Shut Up,” which continues the dialogue: is Robert Kelly for real or is this all an elaborate conceptual scheme destined to trigger society’s unrealized surrealist destiny?

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The answer is: he is. All of the above, perhaps. He was, remember, the genius behind “Trapped in the Closet.”

“Shut Up” was posted to Kelly’s Twitter, a declaration to nay-sayers who nay-said R. would never bounce back after a a good old-fashioned abcess-drain this summer. Whether these detractors are imaginary, very real, or something in between (perhaps hired men, paid to detract), the 44-year-old R&B legend felt strongly enough to toss in some f-bombs and to thank God for having his back in the battle.

Perhaps he will further outline this four-month holy war in “Soula Coaster: The Diary of Me,” the most stupid and incredible title for a book ever. The autobiography, pictured, will be out in Spring 2012.

Last month, it was uncovered that Kelly will have even more new songs coming down the pipe: he’s heading up the soundtrack to the remake of 1976 musical film “Sparkle,” starring Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks.

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