Listen: Shakira and Lil’ Wayne ‘s ‘Give It Up to Me’

10.17.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

Is it possible to only like about half of a song? Shakira”s new single, “Give It Up to Me, ” is so clearly a bid for radio acceptance that it takes the Colombian singer and turns her virtually unrecognizable during certain portions of her new single.

The tune belongs more to Lil” Wayne than Shakira. He gets the first verse and is dropping some pretty righteous double entendres before the song turns all self-empowerment with Shakira singing “Anything you want in the world, you can make it yours.”

Timbaland, who produced, also appears on the record and serves as a nice counterpoint to Shakira and Lil Wayne.

Listen to the opening and tell me that Shakira doesn”t sound more like Nelly Furtado (someone who has certainly benefitted from her association with Timbaland) than like her quirky, warbly, trembly-voiced self.

There are also a brief few bars where Shakira startlingly sounds like Gwen Stefani. What we”re saying is there aren”t a lot of spots on this tune where Shakira sounds like, well, herself. She has an instantly identifiable voice-why try to hide it? Sounding like herself worked just fine on “Hips Don”t Lie.” Although on She-Wolf, not so much.

As far as the actual tune, it”s more a collection of each performer doing his or her part instead of any real cohesive tune, but that doesn”t mean that selected portions aren”t catchy as well. Decide for yourself.

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