Listen: Sigur Ros frontman releases single in advance of solo album

12.07.09 8 years ago

Sigur Ros is one of those bands that other people describe as their favorite band. Not just, ” That first album was OK,” or “I like the singles.” So for those of you for whom this is true: Sigur Ros’ frontman Jonsi Birgisson is putting out what promises to be an ambitious solo album.

“Go” will drop on March 22 next year. It comes on the heels of Sigur Ros’ last album “Med sud i eyrum…” released last year. This summer, Jonsi also released the ambient-acoustic album “Riceboy Sleeps” with partner Aaron Somers, who is also an artist.

If the first single “Boy Lilikoi” is any indication, then  “Go” will have a mix of Jonsi singing in English and Icelandic. Fans can download the thing for free by promising your first-born giving up your email address, at the simply named You can stream the song below.

For years – I mean literally since I’ve known him (10 years now) – Jonsi has been beavering away in his kitchen, bedroom or living room making music extra-curricular to Sigur Ros. To be honest we’d kind of gotten used to these being drawing board propositions only – the ambient album, the electronic album, the pop album, the acoustic album, etc.,” wrote Sigur Ros/Jonsi manager John Best in a newsletter to fans. “It seemed apparent to us that it would be missing a trick to limit a bona fide Jonsi solo album to being a small scale acoustic project, so some subtle cajoling and encouragement to reach beyond his comfort zone was the order of the day.”

Best also mentions hot-shot new composer Nico Muhly, producer Peter Katis and members of Mum are involved in the project.

“Everything about this record has a seat of the pants feel about it, its wildly shifted focus, the way nothing (including the album itself) had a title til about an hour before the news hit the blogs… I think he has created something really special here. I’m not sure I’ve felt this excited about a project since the time I first heard ‘Agaetis Byrjun,’ right back in 1999. Holy f**k. Are you ready?”

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