Listen: Six things we learned from Carrie Underwood’s ‘Blown Away’ sampler

04.19.12 6 years ago

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Carrie Underwood”s new album, “Blown Away,” doesn”t come out for almost two more weeks, but a 7-minute sampler of snippets from  the “American Idol” winner”s fourth studio album has surfaced on and they’re very revealing. Click on the link to hear.

We”ll review the album when we get to hear the whole thing in full, but here are five things we can glean from the sampling. Mark Bright produced the set.

1) She”s dealing with a few demons from her past. In the dramatic title cut, she sings “There”s not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the sins out of that house.”  Like Martina McBride, she does drama well.

2) Underwood only grows more and more confident in her vocal abilities. After “Idol,” she didn”t quite seem to know how to harness her talents, but she”s only gotten stronger and stronger with each album in terms of knowing when to belt, when to hold back, and feeling sure about her choices.

3) She”s wasn’t done with the cheating songs after “Before He Cheats.”  On “Two Black Cadillacs,”  her man has been caught fooling around and there”s going to be hell to pay.

4) Though first single, “Good Girl” is a raucous affair, it sounds like the album is a strong mix of ballads and uptempo tunes, plus she straddles the line between pop and country (listen to how many fiddles and banjos are in this sampler alone). Sounds like there”s a lot of depth on “Blown Away.”

5) Even though Underwood has said that the time isn”t right for her and hubby, hockey player Mike Fisher,  to  have kids yet, she”s ready to sing about it. “Forever Changed” includes a verse about “blooming” from within when pregnant.

6) She wants to make us cry again. We’ve barely dried our tears from “Temporary Home,” but even the little bit of “Good In Goodbye” was enough to make us sniffle a little.

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