Listen: Taylor Swift shakes it up with ‘Back to December’ from ‘Speak Now’

10.12.10 7 years ago

Big Machine

Taylor Swift often half-jokes about how all her songs start: “So there was this boy…”  So why should  we expect any different with her new track released today? Well, hold onto your hats, boys and girls: We get a major shift in theme with “Back to December,” the second track released by Swift as part of her iTunes promotion that means a new tune every Tuesday until “Speak Now’s” Oct. 25 release. This time, she”s the one who did the dumping instead of getting dumped or pining away for a boy! Alert the media! Oh, wait…

Seriously, “Back to December” is a shimmery, string-laden ballad that is tailor-made for dramatic award show performances. Swift sees her old beau, whom she now has serious regrets about letting go, and she apologizes. In her mind, as she tells him, she goes “back to December” in her head to replay the conversation over and over and she takes back her hurtful words.

There are a few nice metaphors:  “you gave me roses and I left them there to die” (i.e. the relationship) and “I”d go back and change it but I can”t/if the chain is on your door, I understand” (i.e.: if your heart is closed to me.)

We”re also a fan of the line “It turns out freedom means nothing but missing you.” She cops a little too much from Kris Kristofferson”s incredible “Me & Bobby McGee” line: “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose,” but it”s nice nonetheless.

Does the song have a happy ending? Listen to it in full here and watch below for Swift”s emotional explanation about the song and to hear a preview. 

Whom do you think “Back to December” is about? Taylor Lautner, perhaps?

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