Listen: The MCP returns with Steve-O interview and ‘The Hobbit,’ this week’s DVDs, and more

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Because a couple of people vaguely asked for it… the Motion/Captured Podcast is back.

I kid, but I genuinely appreciate all the kind e-mail and messages you’ve sent me asking about this podcast, and I also appreciate your patience as I figured out the tech end of things.

This week, Scott Swan joined me as we tried to sweep out the cobwebs.  When I was Fantastic Fest at the end of September, I sat down with Steve-O for an interview that we’ve included in today’s podcast, and we also brought back Movie God, the game that made Matthew Robinson curse at me when he was a guest on the show.

Since it’s been a while, please go easy on us.  We’ll start doing more of these, including special themed podcasts for certain releases or certain times of the year or if there are things that demand further conversation.  I’m also working on adding more and more guests, and since I’m mobile now, it should be easier since I don’t have to make them drive out to the ass end of the San Fernando Valley to be on the podcast.

I like the differences between a written article and a conversational piece, and the reason Scott is my most frequent guest is because after 24 years of friendship, there’s no one I’m more comfortable talking to about anything.  We can just yak about whatever, and hopefully that comfort level makes this worth a listen.

Here’s a rundown for what you’ll hear this week, segment by segment.

Intro 00:00 – 3:40

A quick introduction of Scott “Mac and Me 2: Mac Harder” Swan and a summary of where we’ve been and why we were off the air for so long.

On My Mind 3:40 – 13:00

We discuss three of this week’s news stories about “The Hobbit,” “Hellraiser,” and “The Thin Man,” and Scott explains my place in the Hollywood food chain to me.

Movie God 13:00 – 21:40

Three rounds of the game in which you are forced to pick which of two titles never existed, striking some classic from the record completely.

On The Record 21:40 – 38:00

Steve-O sits down with me in Austin to discuss “Jackass 3D” during Fantastic Fest.

On The Shelf 38:00 – 1:00:00

This week’s new releases include the Criterion “Seven Samurai” and “Apocalypse Now” on Blu-ray, as well as a new edition of “Psycho.”

Wrapping It Up 1:00:00 – 1:14:53

Scott and I close things out with a bonus round of Movie God. 

Here’s a direct link to the RSS feed for the Podcast.  We’ve submitted the Podcast to iTunes, and as soon as we have a listing there, I’ll let you know.

As always, you can download the podcast or listen to it embedded just below the Instant Alert button you see here.  Thanks for listening, and we’ll be a lot more regular now.  Promise.

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