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Third time’s a charm, I think.

Or at least, technically speaking, I think this is the best-recorded of any of the podcasts so far.  I almost have it down to just “record/compile/publish” in terms of workflow, which is what I envision for these.  I’m not sure about doing a live streaming podcast… I don’t think that’s as important to me.  The point is providing something that is hopefully worth your attention and not just “nerd talk radio,” as a friend recently put it.

Having Scott Swan as my co-host again is just plain easy.  I have no other friend who I’ve known as long and still talk to regularly.  Scott’s been my friend for well over half of my life at this point, and for over twenty years.  That means I can talk to him casually about pretty much anything, and there’s a comfort level there that I am not going to have with anyone else.  While I’m still figuring this out technically, I want someone around who isn’t going to be adding any stress on my end in terms of getting things right.  I’d hate to be embarrassed in front of most of my peers, but Scott’s well aware of what an idiot I am, so I’m beyond embarrassment with him at this point.

There’s a game that we’ve been playing for a long time, my friends and I, and we almost used it on an AICN TV Show at one point.  It’s a simple game of “What If?” that you play with two classic film titles… or really any two film titles you choose… and we’ll explain the rules and play a few rounds this week, as we will with every guest from now on.

Because I met Scott when we were still teenagers, we were both crazy for the same geek stuff, which is why we were such good friends in the first place.  And one of the things we were specifically crazy for was “Star Wars,” back when “Star Wars” really wasn’t cool anymore.  After all, it was only three years after “Jedi” was in theaters.  At that point, we believed he might get back to making the movies anytime.   It’s been longer since “Sith” was in theaters at this point than it had been since “Jedi” for us.  I can talk “Star Wars” with Scott forever, I’m sure, and with the news that there may be a Blu-ray edition of the films as early as this fall and that there may be an animated show set in a very interesting time frame, narratively speaking, I figured we’d talk about it.  I’ve been accused of being bitter or cynical about “Star Wars,” but if you listen to this and still think that, I’ll be baffled.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll hear this week:

Intro:  00:00 – 2:00

A quick introduction of Scott “Maskhead” Swan, my special guest this week.

Movie God 2:00 – 11:40

Three rounds of the game in which you are forced to pick which of two titles never existed, striking some classic from the record completely.

On The Shelf 11:40 – 33:30

This week’s new releases include “Avatar” in a bare-bone-sure-to-be-double-dipped edition, the Criterion Blu-ray of “Summer Hours,” and more.

On The Screen 33:30 – 41:00

A look at this week’s new releases including “The Back-Up Plan,” “Oceans,” and “The Losers.”

In The News 41:00 – 50:15

We talk about the possibility of “Star Wars” on Blu-ray and a potential animated show set after “Jedi.”

Wrap-Up 50:15 – 58:30

Looking forward to your feedback, and to getting better at this.  Thanks for being part of the experiment, folks.  As always, you can e-mail me at or follow me on Twitter, where I’m DrewAtHitFix.

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